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Insta Power® Belts

Built for strength and endurance
Every element of the Insta Power® V-belt is designed to deliver premium, long-life performance in demanding outdoor power equipment service. They are engineered to withstand the abuse of repeated sudden shock loads, tolerate high ambient temperatures, and resist the damaging effects of dust.

  • High horsepower applications
  • Reverse bend idlers
  • Misaligned or quarter-turn and mule drives
  • Sudden shock loads
  • High ambient temperatures
  • Exposures to dust


  1. Wear-resistant external fabric
    The fabric cover on Insta Power® V-belts is impregnated with our premium synthetic rubber compound for high wear and abrasion resistance. It also resists drying and cracking, even at high temperatures.
  2. Cushion section compounded to handle high stress
    The cushion portion of the Insta Power® V-belt is specially compounded to provide the excellent flexibility and cord support required for a wide variety of high-stress drive applications.
  3. High-strength tension members
    The load carrying tension members are high-strength aramid cords with proven reliability in lawn and garden equipment applications.
  4. Static-conducting for added safety
    The rubber compounds used in Insta Power® V-belts are static-conducting, providing added safety for the operator.
  5. Branded with
    Insta Power®, Classical and FHP part numbers for multiple applications and sales opportunities.


Typical Applications

  • Power mowers
  • Riding mowers and garden tractors
  • Tillers
  • Show throwers
Get the long-lasting power your lawn and garden equipment needs. Insist on Continental Elite® Outdoor Power Equipment V-Belts.


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