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Garden Hose

Continental's line of garden hose is ideal for general purpose lawn & garden, commercial, and light construction site watering applications.

Premium Red Hot Water Hose

A premium hot water hose (-40°F to 190°F, -40°C to 88°C).

YardMaster Garden Hose

The next generation of garden hose, YardMaster garden hose is 20% lighter than rubber garden hoses (-40°F to 158°F, -40°C to 70°C).

Commercial Premium Rubber Hose

A commercial premium rubber hose (-40°F to 160°F, -40°C to 71°C).

Pathfinder® Garden Hose

For in-home, lawn and garden, apartment, smaller plant and commercial property applications.

Sureline Washdown Hose

A general purpose washdown hose with crushproof garden hose fittings for car and truck service bays.