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Molded Radiator Hose

Not for use in fuel or oil transfer applications.

Designed to transfer glycol-based coolants to and from the radiator as well as through other components in the vehicle's coolant system. Molded to provide full flow through tight bends, ease of application, and to relieve stress on radiator connections. Original configurations available to assure proper fit. See the automotive and heavy-duty truck applications guides for application and part number assistance.

  • Resistant to Electrochemical Degradation (ECR)
  • Compatible with most coolants including ethylene glycol- and propylene glycol-based coolants, as well as organic acid modified, long-life coolants.
  • ID range of 1" to 3" and includes intersect hose configurations.



Cover with synthetic knit reinforcement
Temperature Range -40ºF to 275ºF (-40ºC to 135ºC)
SAE Specifications SAE 20R4EC Class D1

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