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Automotive Truck Parts

With a complement of Continentals tools, professional repair can complete the job efficiently and correctly, and deliver complete satisfaction to the consumer.

Elite® Poly-V Belt Wear Gauge

In today's world of advanced EPDM polymers, serpentine belts are wearing out before visible signs indicate replacement is needed.

Telescopic V-Belt Pole

This is a great tool to have on hand for hard-to-reach belts and / or hoses on upper hooks.

Serpentine Belt Installation Tool

Used to remove and install belts on serpentine belt systems using a spring-loaded tensioner

Stretch Belt Installation Tool

On the majority of stretch belt drives, a special installation tool is required.

Insta-Find® Measuring Gauge

Fast, easy belt selection with the Insta-Find measuring gauge.

OAD / OAP Toolkit

The Elite® OAD / OAP Tool Kit includes the tools necessary for the removal...