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Garage Exhaust Hose & Accessories

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From ports, elbows and garage exhaust systems to connectors, adapters, fittings and much more, Continental has the garage exhaust hose and accessories to keep heavy-duty trucks moving in the most important direction – forward. Find what you’re looking for below.

Door Ports

Allows hose to be vented through 1" door.


Rubber elbows connect to underfloor exhaust systems. Aluminum elbows connect two hoses in an overhead pulley system.

7 Steps – Garage Exhaust System

Garage exhaust hose and accessories are designed for both floor and overhead use in both small car and heavy-duty truck garages.

Overhead Duct Connectors

Adapter to Overhead "T"'s.

Splice Connectors

Joins two hoses together. Internal threads on rubber connector and external threads on metal connector.

Tailpipe Adapters

Connects hose to various types of tailpipes. Hook and Chain holds adapter in place.


Designed for dual exhaust vehicles. Includes Hose, Y-Connector and Tailpipe adapter.


Allows for three hoses to be joined together.

Service Station Kits

High performance rubber hose kits that keep harmful exhaust fumes out of a service garage...

Rubber Hose

ACT Hose is designed for use with larger gas vehicles and diesel trucks, and is available with wire insert and a variety of tailpipe adapters.