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Fuel Line / PCV / Emission Control Hose SAE 30R7

Do not use for pressure lines or fuel injected engines.

A multipurpose fuel hose that can be used as a fuel line, PCV connection, emission control line or fuel return line.

Specific Fuel
Unleaded gasoline, diesel fuel, gasoline blends of ethanol (E-10), E85 and sour gas.


Tube Black Chemigum (NBR)
Reinforcement 2-Spiral Synthetic
Cover Chlorosulfonated Polyethylene (CSM)
Temperature Range -40°F to 257°F (-40°C to 125°C)
SAE Specifications SAE J30R7
Continental Elite® Specifications 580019
Length 1.6´ (clamshell), 2´ (clamshell), 25´ (spool), 50´ (carton), 250´ (reel)
Branding 5/16" (7.9mm) 50 psi Fuel/Emission SAE J30R7 Made in U.S.A. by Continental Elite
Installation See selection of Continental Elite® Connectors and Clamps

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