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Elite® Accu-Drive® Belt Tensioners

Belt Tensioners Belt Tensioners with Accu-Drive® Technology

All brands of replacement automatic tensioners and pulleys are not created equal. For an OE-specific part replacement and proven performance, trust Elite® Belt Tensioners with Accu-Drive® Technology. Designed for the unique packaging and operating conditions of engine and accessory belt layout configurations, Elite® Belt Tensioners ensure belts remain at nearly constant tension. The result is maximum accessory drive component life while still preventing belt slip. When properly applied, Elite® Belt Tensioners provide a pre-determined, constant tension and help dampen belt system vibrations. Automatic tensioners will self-adjust for normal belt elongation caused by wear.

Why Elite® Belt Tensioners?

  • Maintains correct alignment to the belt
  • Automatically sustains precise accessory belt tension
  • Automatically dampens normal accessory system vibrations
  • Prevents noise from belt slip and excessive belt wear
  • Optimizes belt and accessory system component life
  • Provides an indication of belt stretch and need for replacement
  • Improves belt system alignment

Belt Tensioner Parts and Function

  1. Lift Feature
    What it does
    Relieves belt tension to allow replacement of belt and / or tensioner.
    The Elite® Advantage
    Elite® tensioners maintain the OE design lift lug features to make installation easier.
  2. Spring
    What it does
    Maintains the proper system belt tension and helps to absorb engine vibrations.
    The Elite® Advantage
    The Elite® "round" wire torsion spring is custom designed for each tensioner application.
  3. Locating Pin
    What it does
    Positions the tensioner to its mounting surface.
    The Elite® Advantage
    Elite® OE style locating pins are a part of base casting, ensuring mouting accuracy and alignement.
  4. Pivot Shaft
    What it does
    Ensures the tensioner is aligned with the other belt-driven components.
    The Elite® Advantage
    The Elite® pivot shaft is an integral part of the tensioner base allowing it to maintain precise angularity.
  5. Damping System
    What it does
    The damping system compensates for engine vibrations eliminating drive system noise and harshness.
    The Elite® Advantage
    All tensioners include a patiented "proportional damping" system tuned to the needs of individual vehicle applications.
  6. Pulley
    What it does
    Ensures the belt travels effortlessly and finds true alignment.
    The Elite® Advantage
    The Elite® OE style pulley is made of OE specific materials, unless upgraded to enhance performance.

  7. Assembling Retention
    What it does
    Holds the tensioner securely together.
    The Elite® Advantage
    The Elite® tensioner incorparates a highly developed mechanical assembly stake.
Due to mechanical staking feature tensioners are non-serviceable and cannot be disassembled safety.

Under no circumstances should a tensioner assembly be opened to attemps repair of internal parts as the spring is powerful and preloaded and may cause serious injury. Always replace a worn tensioner assembly with a new assembly, as there are no serviceable internal parts. The only part that may be replaced is the pulley.


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