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Radiator Hose

Automotive Hoses

Continental Elite® Radiator Hose is designed to transfer glycol-based coolants to and from the radiator as well as through other components in the vehicle's coolant system. Meets or exceeds SAE 20R4EC Class D1 specifications for Radiator Hose. Resistant to Electrochemical Degradations (ECR).

Molded Radiator Hose

Continental Elite® molded hose is preshaped for specific applications...

Wire Reinforced Radiator Hose

Designed with enhanced flexibility in "straight" coolant connection applications. A helical steel wire prevents hose collapse under vacuum situations.

Blue Xtreme Straight Radiator Hose

Designed for heavy duty and fleet service on trucks, buses and off-road equipment.

Heavy-Duty Straight Radiator Hose

Designed with an extra-heavy carcass to be used for automotive coolants and straight connections under severe conditions.

Standard Straight Radiator Hose

Designed for common coolants and straight coolant connections in automotive and industrial applications.

Flexible Radiator Hose

Designed for radiator hose applications where a molded radiator hose is not available.

Blue Xtreme Hose

High-performance Blue Extreme Hoses can be installed on the applications shown here and on the following page.

Radiator Hose Reducers

Rubber reducers for inserting into the inside of a radiator hose to reduce the ID of the hose for a proper fit to the connection.